Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What Hurts Raph The Most

What Hurts Raph The Most Tube. Duration : 3.60 Mins.

This is an entry for Leonardomernaugh2's ( my adoptive father on YouTube) contest. This is also dedicated to 2LeonardoTMNT and raphaelno1. Thanks for being there for me, guys. Summary: In the beginning, Donnie is battling the Shredder...but didn't make it. Mikey and Leo saw Donnie fall, but Raph is nowhere to be seen. When they find him, Mikey tells him about Donnie, and Raph is crushed. Raph feels fully responsible about Donatello's death because earlier, before they went to battle the Shredder, Raph called Donnie "useless," and Donnie just wanted his family to see how much use he could really be: by destroying the Shredder, but died doing it. This video is about Raph's guilt and sadness about the loss about a brother he cared so much about. I hope you guys like it, and I hope you don't think I made this because I think Raph hates Donnie or something. I hope you like it! Whiskey Lullaby- Brad Paisly & Alison Krauss What Hurts The Most- Cascada

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