Friday, January 11, 2013

Dahle 40506 Strip Cut Shredder

Dahle 40506 Strip Cut Shredder Tube. Duration : 1.25 Mins.

Dahle 40506 Professional Strip-Cut Shredder Known for its power and waste capacity the Dahle Small Department Professional Shredder is designed to accommodate the needs of most small departments. This strip-cut machine offers a 1⁄4" particle size and is able to shred to security level 2 standards. It's a perfect shredder for destroying marketing plans, health records, and any other confidential information that should not be seen by others. Dahle 40506 Professional Strip-Cut Shredder * All Steel Frame: Keeps the cutting cylinders in perfect alignment for optimal performance * Solid Cutting Head: A solid block of German Solingen Steel is milled to create each cutting cylinder * Door Open Interlock: Prevents the shredder from operating with the door open * Thermally Protected Motor: Thermal protection prevents damage to the motor from overheating * SmartPower: Energy management system that reduces power consumption when sitting idle * Built-in user friendly opening for CD/DVD destruction * Casters allow for convenient mobility ***Detailed Specs & Low Pricing on the CLICK BELOW*** - Dahle

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