Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fox 5 commercials (November 1993) (Volume 127)

Fox 5 commercials (November 1993) (Volume 127) Video Clips. Duration : 8.73 Mins.

I'vemade commercial videos in the past, but this is the official installment of my commercial volumes. I'll take you through the journey of 90s commercials from 1991-1996. All from my personal collection. Here we go. Here are a string of commercials that aired on Fox 5 in November 1993: 1. Duel Turbo 2. US Army 3. Presto SaladShooter (♫ Shoot some slices, shoot some shreds, shoot some salad, Saladshooters♫. Also "professional saladshooter slicer shredder." Some tongue-twisters, but a catchy jingle.) 4. Matchbox Car Wash (My bro had this when we were kids. Did we ever make a mess.) 5. "Street Fighter II" on Sega Genesis 6. Colorblaster 7. Tyco Super Sound Racing 8. Promo for "Cops" 9. TV spot for "Carlito's Way" (One of the greatest gangster films ever made.) 10. EZ 2 Do 11. It From The Pit (This must have been a creepy game to play.) 12. Playschool Dollhouse 13. Promo for "Martin", "Living Single" and "Married...With Children" 14. Home Depot 15. Picnic Panic (Interesting to have a board game that will make you cringe. Who enjoys ants at a picnic?) 17. TV spot for "Wayne's World 2" 18. Stetson Sierra 19. Splat 20. TV spot for "Addams Family Values" 21. TV spot for "The Three Musketeers" 22. TV spot for "Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit" 23. GMC Jimmy

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