Saturday, January 26, 2013

RIVERA BOMMA "Empty Desire" Official Video 2013 w/ Mike Lepond of Symphony X

RIVERA BOMMA "Empty Desire" Official Video 2013 w/ Mike Lepond of Symphony X Tube. Duration : 7.10 Mins.

On Sale Now !! "Empty Desire" The First single from the highly anticipated 3rd release from New Jersey Hard Rockers RIVERA BOMMA "Infinite Journey of Soul" featuring Mike Lepond of Symphony X, Rod Rivera, John Bomma & Ed Faust Artist: Rivera Bomma Album Title: Infinite Journey of Soul Barcode: 845121055900 Product ID: RAR1212 Record Label: Retroactive Records Purchase cd @ Release Date: January 22nd, 2013 Style: Heavy Metal ABOUT THE ALBUM Having two metal releases on several overseas labels, Christian metal heavyweights, RIVERA BOMMA storm the US with their first new release in 7 years! Featuring a stunning collection of musicians, the band features Johnny Bomma (ex-Hades -- Metal Blade Records) delivering vocal chops with grit, elegance, and swagger. Rivera began studying classical guitar and flamenco before discovering the likes of Ritchie Blackmore, Michael Schenker and Malmsteen - incorporating all of those influences in his axe-ellent guitar work. Angelic Warlord reviews describes Rivera's style as "dazzling" and that he " a shredder in the truest sense of the word." Also playing on the new album is talented original drummer Ed Faust, and on bass you will hear the thundering tones of none other than Mike LePond of progressive metal giants Symphony X! With two strong albums in the back catalog, fans always wondered what the band could release if all the right pieces to the puzzle came together...the band offers a ...

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