Tuesday, January 29, 2013

VOX ToneLab ST Fx Pedal Demo - Nevada Music UK

VOX ToneLab ST Fx Pedal Demo - Nevada Music UK Tube. Duration : 5.27 Mins.

www.nevadamusic.co.uk The ToneLab ST is a scaled down, compact version of Vox's popular Tone Lab LE...but don't be fooled by it's diminutive scale, it's packed full of high quality features just like it's bigger brother! What distinguishes the ToneLab ST from other manufacturers amp modelling units is the valve pre-amp circuitry which features a real 12AX7 vacuum tube. This helps to cleanly mimic a tube amplifier in a way digital circuit's can't, providing a very authentic valve tone. The Vox Tone Lab ST offer 33 different amp models, which is by far the largest number for a unit in this price range. These amp models are all based on real life amplifiers ranging from classic vintage models and high-end boutique amps to modern high-gain designs. Any of the amp models can be mixed and matched with the eleven cabinet models on offer, allowing for a huge degree of tonal flexibility. Once you've picked your amp and cab, the Tonelab ST then offers 25 versatile effects to add to your sound including reverb, delay, chorus, phaser...the list goes on. All editing for effects and amp sims are done via hands on knobs...no fiddly menus means that it's simple to dial up and tweak your sound very quickly and easily. For those of you who just want to plug in and play, the ToneLab ST comes complete with 20 preset song patches, providing accurate recreations of instantly recognised, classic rock guitar tones such as "Message in a bottle", "Smells like teen spirit" and "Enter Sandman". In ...

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