Sunday, January 20, 2013

Aleratec DVD/CD Shredder Plus DS2 part # 240144

Aleratec DVD/CD Shredder Plus DS2 part # 240144 Tube. Duration : 3.62 Mins.

Aleratec is proud to offer the simplest, quick and easy method of preventing unauthorized use of sensitive data recorded on discarded discs. With a Blu-ray, DVD or CD falling into the wrong hands all of your personal financial records, business customer lists, an entire accounting system or more could be lost or used against you. With the growing threat of hazards like identity theft the DVD/CD Shredder Plus DS2 provides protection and peace of mind at a low cost. Identity theft and fraud are our nation's fastest growing crimes. Last year ID theft cases increased by 22% amounting to 9.9 million, but the cost per case decreased by an impressive 31% according to Javelin Strategy and Research. Aleratec is doing its part in this fight. Using a DVD/Shredder Plus DSs is an easy step you can take to minimize your risks. The DVD/CD Shredder Plus DS2 is the ideal security tool for corporate, government, education and personal applications. Protect your business and protect yourself! - with the Aleratec DVD/CD Shredder Plus DS2. For more information see

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