Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Paco Hernández - Dean Shredder Contest Entry

Paco Hernández - Dean Shredder Contest Entry Video Clips. Duration : 1.02 Mins.

This was my entry to the Dean Shredder Search Contest 2008. I don´t like to only shred, but if 1. this is was shredding contest and 2.the Prize ascends to 10.000 bucks (o_O) I think I can make an excepetion this time and just deliver the goods. Sorry to those who don´t like shred! I didn´t win, but the video remains. By the way, I´m playing over the chorus chords of a song called "Blood of the Tail" by Majestic. There, keybord virtuoso Richard Andersson did a totally shredding outro solo in the CD version. When it comes to shredding I always remember that particular section, so I thought that it would be shred-inspirirng to play my own solo upon those chords. Richard rules!!! :-) Thanks for watching! ^_^

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