Monday, December 24, 2012

B. White ft. Hotflash - Officially (Original)+ LYRICS!!!

B. White ft. Hotflash - Officially (Original)+ LYRICS!!! Video Clips. Duration : 3.67 Mins.

B. White and his little brother Hotflash doing an original song "Officially" (Studio Version) ENJOY!!!! :) Lyrics: Intro: Yeah, it's killin me Woah oh oh, yeah... i wanna be official Verse 1: (HotFlash) I wanna be official like a ref, cuz ima be callin you for traveling with me inside of a jet, (official) like im writing and signing a check (yeah) like my name tatted on the side of your neck, ya lookin sexy with the fendi on, flexible like a bendy straw, so sex is what we fittin to be on, but you're more than that to me, girl dont be getting me wrong, tell me where it hurts and ill make it better, hello miss sunshine change my weather, aint ever gotta worry bout breakin cheddar, im grindin like a cd in a paper shredder, feelin like im floatin girl, put me down, ima need to get a fire hose to put you out, cuz you hotter than the hottest on a thermometer honestly simply sizzling wishing you'd be my girl officially Hook:(x2) I wanna know, do you wanna be officialy (officially mine) cuz we've been datin, now i wanna claim you its killin me (its killin me) now i really gotta know, do you wanna be official cuz youre really hard to let go (so hard to let go) Verse 2: (B. White aka X-Clusive) You can read my mind, all the time, im thinkin about you, need to be makin you mine, accept or decline, i need to know boo, wanna make it official cuz i got to show you, love and affection (scared) ill be your protection, this-is-my confession, im sprung, baby there will be no second guessin ...

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