Monday, December 17, 2012

DRUOX Does 58 Voices in 2 Mins

DRUOX Does 58 Voices in 2 Mins Tube. Duration : 2.02 Mins.

My Official Voice Demo: Voices done: Ganondorf, Mario, Luigi, Wario, Capt. Falcon, Wolf, Metaknight, Toad, Bowser, Southern, Posh British, Bill Cosby, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Meowth, Australian, Skeletor, Mumrah, The Joker, William Shatner, German, Uppity British, Evil Voice 1, Evil Voice 2, Stoner, Snarf, Joker Laugh, Regis MkV, Nerdy Voice 1, Gremlin Voice, Airplane Pilot, Vegita, Robot, Godfather, New Yorker, Asian, Evil Laugh, Ghost, Dr. Rockso, Muderface, Nathan Explosion, Toki, Jack Black, Spongebob, Goofy Voice, Peewee herman, Quagmire, Grape Vine, Old Time Radio, Narrator, Announcer, Nerdy Voice 2, Snake, CD-I Luigi, CD-I Mario, CD-I King, Sonic, Old Man, Creeper I don't care if it's 2:01 long. The voices end at 1:59 and WMM sucks.

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