Sunday, March 10, 2013

Me Doing Ab Ripper X- From P90X (Part 1)

Me Doing Ab Ripper X- From P90X (Part 1) Tube. Duration : 10.73 Mins.

Visit me @ - Find out what I eat, what supplements I take and how to succeed with the Beachbody fitness programs (p90x, Insanity, TurboFire, etc.) Give the NuWave Fitness FACEBOOK page a "Like" - at Are YOU thinking of doing the P90X Workout? If so, I will coach you for free! Click here if you'd like me to coach you for free: In September 2009, I was addicted to world of warcraft. I played it 10 hours a day. I'd never go outside or eat health. I would just sit in my chair all day and play this video game. One day I quit after some personal issues and devoted my time into P90X and Working Out. 2 Years Later I've completely transformed by body. I gained 20 pounds of muscle and continue to increase. Thanks to P90X and Beachbody Products.Thanks for watching - This is a good way to get prepared for p90x2. P90X Workout p90x p90x2 shakeology results This is the AB section of classic P90X. You do 18 minutes of ABs 3 times week, after your workouts while doing P90X. Today was day 25. Which is my 4th day in my recovery week. I decided to continue to do AB Ripper X through my recovery week. I recorded using a Webcam. So sorry for delayed lag or extreme close ups. I can't move my webcam very far from the computer. Enjoy!

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